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Our Ultimate Nashville Guide

Nashville is home to country music, cowboy hats, rich history, and is one of the number one travel destinations in the U.S. Located in Tennessee, Nashville welcomes everyone—from bachelor and bachelorette parties, vacations, and girls weekend trips—with open arms and down home hospitality. Whether you’re planning your next getaway or simply want to experience this city for all it has to offer, we’ve put together our ultimate Nashville guide to help you live your best life while exploring the city we call home. 

Country Music Hall of Fame

Boasting one of the largest musical collections on the planet, Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame should be at the top of your must-see list. Check out photos, plaques, musical instruments, and memorabilia from some of the world’s greatest country music artists we’ve ever seen. Take a tour of the studio, explore interactive displays, and even watch biographical film reels.


Broadway Street is the beating heart of Nashville. Covering several blocks lit by neon lights, this neighborhood provides tourist attractions for all ages. From bars, restaurants, saloons, shops, and classic honky-tonks, Broadway has been giving tourist attractions a great name for years.

At night, Broadway transforms into every party-goer’s dream. Live music can be heard from dozens of bars, rooftops offer bright neon lights and pool parties, mechanical bulls are being ridden, and tourists wander the streets in elaborate rhinestone getups. Enjoy dancing, laughter, and making memories with the ones you love when you visit Broadway.

Cumberland Park

The Cumberland River is a 700-mile waterway that winds through Tennessee and Kentucky. This large park offers attractions for families wanting to enjoy the sunshine and play in the water. Cumberland Park offers visitors a large splash pad, bike paths, climbing structures, an outdoor amphitheater, and a butterfly garden. Find peace and serenity in this nature escape from the hustle and bustle of the Nashville crowds.

Take a Tour

From trolleys and party buses to helicopter rides and pedal pubs, Nashville offers tours for everyone. Whether you’re looking to take a sightseeing tour of the Nashville skyline or want to travel down Broadway in our one of a kind trolleys, each tour comes equipped with an experienced tour guide. Learn about the history and hear tales of the superstars who have walked these very streets while snapping photos and making unforgettable memories. 

Grand Ole Opry

Catching a show at the Grand Ole Opry when in Nashville is a right of passage. Hailed as “the show that made country music famous,” the Grand Ole Opry has been running for almost a century. This iconic staple offers the latest and greatest in country, folk, gospel, and bluegrass music.

Visitors can take a tour of the stage and dressing rooms before enjoying memorable live performances from some of the greats. Additionally, the Grand Ole Opry features broadcast skits, comedy routines, and other live performances—bringing you the best of the best every time.

Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame Museum

Big sports person? Don’t you worry, Nashville offers sports fans the ultimate getaway when you visit the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame Museum. Browse displays and exhibits showcasing the state’s finest sportsmen, let the kids dress up in jerseys and helmets, and share in the highlights from some of the greatest games Tennessee sports has seen.

Stay at the Best Hotel

Looking for accommodations as you plan your trip to Nashville? Look no further than Vastland’s own Studio 154 Luxury Hotel. Located in a historic building originally built in 1875, Studio 154 Luxury Hotel is a modern boutique hotel found in the heart of Nashville. This 15,000 sq. ft. private hotel boasts 16 appointed guest suites, providing you with top tier experiences.

Studio 154 Luxury Hotel has keyless entry, concierge services, and a gorgeous rooftop patio fit for everyone to enjoy the sunshine. Plan your next Nashville vacation and live a life of luxury at Studio 154.

Vastland Company Knows Nashville Best

Home to our headquarters, Nashville will always hold a special place in our hearts. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or just in town on business, trust in Vastland Company to guide you through luxurious living. Visit us here or call 615-329-1720 to learn about our other Nashville buildings we’ve crafted from the ground up.

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