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Scouting Properties: The 2023 Nashville Real Estate Outlook

The residential real estate market is always changing, especially in the current economy. As a potential home buyer, it’s important to time your purchase appropriately to ensure you make the smartest investment possible. Buy too soon and you may miss an impending market price drop, but wait too long and you may miss out on the deal of a lifetime. 

Knowing what to expect is half the battle when it comes to securing your own real estate futures. In this article, we’ll discuss the future predictions for the year of 2023—what to look for when scouting for a property, and how you’ll succeed when you hire Vastland.

The Nashville Real Estate Market Outlook in 2023

In the aftermath of pandemic buying, property investors and potential homeowners are wondering what the future of Nashville’s real estate market looks like. As Nashville continues to grow, turn to Vastland Company for exceptional real estate guidance and top-quality residential and commercial spaces in up-and-coming neighborhoods. 

Recent Market Trends

With the independence of remote work and overall life changes caused by the pandemic, Nashville saw an influx of new residents over the course of the pandemic. With thriving cultural attractions, stable infrastructure, and variety of housing and development options, it’s no wonder what drew these new citizens to Music City. 

But in the wake of these fresh buyers, the housing supply bottomed out in 2021, creating a demand issue that heavily favored sellers. Nashville is perpetually a hot city for real estate but the market has noticeably cooled in recent months, according to the Home Buying Institute and it will likely continue in this period of post-growth. 

When potential buyers aren’t sure if a local market or opportunity is a safe choice, they turn to a trusted realty company for expert advice. Contact Vastland Company today to learn more about how you can make your smartest home or company investment.  

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates have slowed to a near standstill, both in Nashville and across the country. According to Redfin News, mortgage rates will be a large factor in reduced home sales in the coming year. 

Additionally, predicts an optimistic mortgage rate of 7.1% by the end of 2023—a decrease of 0.4% from the current 7.5% year-end rate for 2022. This will ideally make home ownership more accessible and put progress towards establishing a stronger, more stable real estate market in the coming years. 

Home Sales

More homes continue to come onto the market, but predicts that home sales will decline in 2023. It is likely that the market will continue to stagnate in the wake of post-pandemic growth, with the high prices of a seller’s market and current mortgage rates acting as contributing factors. But a discerning buyer will still be able to make smart investment choices when they’re equipped with the right information. 

When you’re considering buying a home in Nashville, one of the most important factors in your decision may be the neighborhood. Aside from wanting good schools and a safe community, buyers should consider how neighborhood trends have changed recently, especially over the course of the pandemic. 

Some neighborhoods have managed to maintain a strong sense of community and traditions. But others which may have previously had a strong identity are experiencing change with the influx of new residents, bringing a new life and type of environment to different areas. The professional team at Vastland Company can help you find homes in neighborhoods that suit your interests and needs so that you can find the perfect community for your family.

Will We See a Buyer’s Market for Nashville in 2023?

The cooling market won’t necessarily provide an advantage to either buyers or sellers in 2023, but this stagnant period could be a proven key to stabilizing the market for the coming years. 

However, a decrease in home sales means an increase in stock inventory. As the Home Buyer’s Institute states, inventory growth through 2023 could lead to the development of a buyer’s market in Nashville in the near future. The Nashville Post reports that despite an increase in housing unaffordability, stabilizing interest rates and reduced competition could lead to more homebuyer power in the coming years. 

Secure Your Real Estate Interests with Vastland

In buyer’s markets and seller’s markets alike, Vastland is here to address your real estate needs. We handle residential and commercial real estate and can help you develop a new home or business location with our exceptional resources and expert advice. 

Discover the right building or buying opportunities for you with assistance from our dedicated team. We dig deep to provide research and information beyond these forecasts, personalized for your needs and the specific areas you’re interested in. 

Contact Vastland Company today to discover the best real estate that Nashville has to offer. 

Disclaimer: These outlooks are a collection of information composed as educated guesses regarding the future of the real estate market in 2023. For any home buying and economic decisions it is recommended that you personally speak with an economic or real estate professional. 

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