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Real Estate Development: Welcome to Vastland Company

The real estate industry is booming, and at Vastland Company, we are dedicated to bringing you life-spaces that emanate luxury and quality. We are the leading real estate development firm in Nashville, Tennessee, providing our services to a robust variety of clients. Whether you want us to build it, manage it, or oversee it, Vastland Company can bring your vision to life.

Who We Are

Vastland Company was established in 1995 and is a privately held real estate company located in Nashville, TN. We are known for designing and constructing commercial and residential buildings ranging from commercial spaces and single-family homes to industrial offices and hotels. We want our spaces to be luxurious while keeping affordability in mind, creating unique idealistic structures for realistic budgets.

Our reputation for quality, dependability, and customer service have brought our company to the forefront of the real estate industry, and we’re only growing from there. Attention to detail is a large part of our business model, as we believe luxury is built from the ground up. It’s important for us to ensure all our properties, big or small, provide the feeling of comfort and luxury—bringing a sense of exclusivity to the estate.

What We Bring to the Table

When you choose a real estate developer to work with, there are various factors to consider. We want the choice to be instantaneous. When you hear about Vastland Company, we want you to know that we construct our projects in a timely manner and with due diligence—bringing contractors and landlords peace of mind.

We have developed hundreds of large scale properties across numerous platforms. From retail and industrial to residential properties, Vastland Company has a wide-reaching, best-in-class portfolio.

Our Values

Each company you work with has a set of standards they follow on a daily basis. Whether that be customer service, timely installation, or friendly and accommodating staff, it’s important to have a set of rules in place for employees to follow. A list of core values allows us to showcase who we are as a company and what we can bring to the table.

When you step into an establishment developed by Vastland Company, we want you to recognize our craftsmanship and quality immediately. From the design stage to the completion date, Vastland creates quality buildings that set the standard for high-value living. There’s no reason you can’t live or work in luxury—which is why we create spaces suitable for all corporate positions and places to call home.

Here at Vastland we pride ourselves on the main core values:


Vastland Company strives to add value by creating lasting spaces within the community.

Energy efficiency

Here at Vastland Company we want to do our part to improve the planet. Each custom-built home is equipped with Energy Star appliances, Low-VOC paints, and WaterSense faucets.


Embrace the high-end lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of living. Our design team understands the current trends and has the capability of making any space feel lavish and modern.

Vastland is Here for You

Live a life of luxury or simply bring luxury to your clientele when you hire Vastland Company. As the leading real estate developer in Nashville, we’re dedicated to building your life-space from the ground up with precision and quality. Don’t let your real estate plans go to the wayside—let’s get started today!

Let’s Work Together

Whether you’re an investor, developer, or potential homebuyer, Vastland Company is here to bring your dream to life. We are always open to take on new projects or hear new pitches. Visit us here or call 615-329-1720 to learn how we can assist you in crafting your ideal space.

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